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It had been ages since Bruce had been on a vacation. In fact, he could not clearly recall the last time he had been outside of Gotham City for any reason other than Bat-business. Even his international travel was used as a guise for his true work, and it was very much out of his character to take a day off or otherwise "call in sick."

None the less there he was, beachside in West Palm Beach, wearing shades and some swimming shorts. None of this was upon his own will, it might be noted. The scowl on his face kept all but the bravest of resort employees at bay. It did not, however, save him from his immediate fate.

Alfred had mandated a weekend off, or else. Whatever else was, Bruce was wise enough to know better than to find out. With his tail between his legs, and with a most unhappy attitude, Bruce went on his prescribed vacation. If only to keep Alfred's displeasure at bay. At least he was not alone; Eddie had been sent with Bruce.

Bruce wasn't sure why the poor boy had to be subjected to a weekend of doing nothing and people watching, but he didn't argue that either. In fact, Bruce was being far too submissive about the whole thing, although it probably had to do with Alfred's age and constitution. As the man got older, Bruce gave in more and more to his demands without argument.

Sighing deeply, Bruce reached out to take up his drink and sipped at it while dark eyes looked out to locate Eddie. Maybe the kid was doing better at this whole relaxing thing than he was.
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This is a test scene for [ profile] thirdgenrobin

Bruce was distinctly uncomfortable with the idea of having to speak to Tim's father, but he was willing to do it. For Tim. Maybe it was because on some levels he was starting to realize just how much he needed Tim. He just couldn't admit it, couldn't bring himself to say the words because up until recently, he hadn't seen that same fire in Tim's eyes.

After Stephanie, they had all grieved, but Tim had taken it the hardest. Bruce wasn't able to bring himself to make the boy do something he didn't have the heart to do, and in that time.. Bruce's life had fallen into a sorry state of disrepair.

Then came Scarecrow. And his injury. Bruce hadn't been the same since, and Tim was surely astute enough to see that. It showed in subtle ways, ways that those whom were the closest to him would see plain as day.. Bruce was troubled, and there were few in his life that he trusted the way he trusted his Robins. At least, the two remaining sane ones.

Bruce's relationship was strained with Dick, at best. And so in his time of darkness, he turned to the other bright and shining bastion of hope and light within his life, however tarnished. Tim Drake was the reminder of what life was supposed to look like for Bruce.

And that was why Bruce was standing at Tim Drake's door, looking uncomfortable and dreading the stilted conversation that was no doubt going to take place between himself and Tim's father. But it was worth it. For Tim.


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